Partners / Resellers

Our partners’ success is our success. Market-leading technology, superior customer support, and a comprehensive training and education program provide the footprint to a successful partnership.

Market-Leading Technology

With the Xone Partner Network your company benefits from market leading online trading solutions combined with award-winning programs designed to enable, distinguish, and reward you. As a partner, your company gains exclusive access to resources that will drive both license and service business, create new opportunities, increase profitability and close deals more quickly.

A comprehensive partner program, the Xone Partner Network, provides your company with the tools you need to stand out to customers and gain a long-term competitive advantage in brokerage solution industry.

For Bacoffice, Xone Trader has high-end capabilities for professional accounts and IB management. It offers an amazingly way to monitor trading & IB accounts without the need for any other expensive software or hardware. This enables the brokers to perform multi task, such as creating accounts, modifying the leverage, assigning spreads, etc., for multiple accounts or IBs.

Which Partner Program is Right for You?

Partners that add value by combining their technology expertise along with services to design, plan and deploy sophisticated online trading solutions to meet the technical and business needs of your clients.

Service providers or other companies that acquire and use Xone Trading Platform to provide trading infrastructure and operations services to a third-party end customer or multiple third-party end customers in a hosted environment.

Partners who design, plan, integrate and deploy the most sophisticated online trading infrastructures to meet the demanding business needs of clients.