Xone Gate

Start your own Payment Gateway with our White Label Payment Gateway Software

Do you have a very high rate of transactions? Would you like to save thousands of dollars from investing in your own payment gateway software.

We can provide the necessary consulting and programming expertise to make this happen. Our white label solution will allow you to brand your own payment service.

xGate Advantages

  1. One Connection. 100+ Gateways.
  2. Powerful API
  3. Hosted or SaaS Model
  4. Cut compliance risks
  5. Simple & Easy Integration with any aplication
  6. Detailed Analytics
  7. Unmatchable Speed

For Bacoffice, xGate has high-end capabilities for accounts management. It offers an amazingly way to monitor users and transactions without the need for any other expensive software or hardware. This enables the managers to perform multi task, such as creating accounts, generating  the reports, and much more.

xGate Backoffice
Easy to use backoffice solution for Payment Gateway Providers.

  1. High-performing, reliable, secure
  2. Cutting–edge data warehousing allowing real-time reports
  3. Monitor client account under single login
  4. Instantly Credit / Debit funds
  5. Built-in AML / KYC System
  6. Internal Ticketing System
  7. Set custom fee for each gateway
  8. Risk Management
  9. Account Statement / Custom Report generation
  10. Integrate with any Banks / PSP / Gateways.